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High-quality petrol shipments arrive: BUSINESS & FINANCE

High-quality petrol shipments arrive: KARACHI: Two shipments of 58,000 tonnes and 30,000 tonnes of superior quality petrol imported by the Pakistan State Oil (PSO) have arrived a few days ago, sources said. Two more shipments of 58,000 tonnes each are also coming this month. PSO has launched a new range of quality fuel products, namely Altron Premium and Altron X High Performance. Altron Premium which has a research octane number (RON) of 92 has been introduced in place of Premier XL (RON 87), while Altron X High (RON 95-97) was previously called high-octane blending component (HOBC). The new product range is currently on sale at PSO`s outlets in Karachi and would be made available nationwide in three to four days as product transshipment to central and north regions is currently under way. A PSO spokesperson said Altron Premium is a regulated product while Altron X is deregulated. The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority would set the price while oil marketing companies would determine the price of Altron X on the basis of import price. There will be a difference of Rs5-7 a litre in prices of the two products.

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