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Clifton Block 1
Chapal Resort
Oyester Tower
Ruby Beach Pride
Sea Rock Apartments
Sun Rise Apartments
Clifton Block 2
Adam Centre
Beach Blessing Centre
Bon Vista Apartments
Clifton Condominium
Cornish Residency
Green Belt Residency
Hawaiian Homes
Jason Terrace
Marina Elevation
Marine Centre
Marine Corner
Marine Heights 1
Marine Heights 2
Marine Heights 3
Navroze Apartments
Oyster View
Palm Beach Homes
Sasi Boat View Apartments
Sasi Boat View Villas
Sea Breeze Heights
Sea Breeze Marine Drive
Sea Cliff Apartments
Shadman Residency
West Wind Estate Apartments
Clifton Block 3
Afzal Courts
Clifton Gardens 1
Clifton Gardens 2
Comfort Tower
Jason Coastal View
Jason Luxury Apartments
Marine Arcade
Marine Blessing
Marry Fountain Apartments
Sahil Promenade
Clifton Block 4
70 Riviera [Under Construction]
Al Ghazi Complex
Chapal Beach Arcade 1
Chapal Beach Arcade 2
Chapal Beach Arcade 3
Chapal Beach Luxury Apartments
Chapal Ocean Centre
Clifton Towers
Falcon Terrace
Prime Beach View Apartments
Samrina Apartments
Sea Castle 1
Sea Castle 2
Sea Castle 3
Clifton Block 5
7 Towers Apartments
Al Jaffar Apartments
Al Madina Arcade
Al Sakina Apartments
Ali Rehana Apartments
Belle View Apartments
Boat View Apartments
Dunes Apartments
Fountain Apartments
Habib Centre
Hanging Gardens
Hashoo Terrace
IBA Apartments
Jabbar Centre
Kehkashan Square
Khoro Apartments
Maymar Lake View
Merchant Corner
Parklane Arcade
Pearl Heaven
Roomi Gardens
Sana Arcade
Sea Breeze Centre
Seagull Apartments
Shalimar Estate Apartments
Clifton Block 6
Com3 Apartments
Sea World Residency
Clifton Block 7
Al Habib Arcade
Al Meezan Arcade
Chapal Bright Homes
Falcon Centre
Hamilton Courts
Jason Luxury Condominium
Jason Paradise Apartments
Jason VIP Apartments
Kehkashan Apartments
Marine Drive Apartments
Quality Arcade
Sasi Royal Residency
Sea Breeze Super Star Apartments
Shadman Centre
Clifton Block 8
ABCO Apartments
Adam Apartments
Al Habib Apartments
Al Murtaza Apartments
Alamode Apartments
Askari 1
Clifton Court Apartments
Clifton Estates
Clifton Pride Apartments
Galaxy Apartments
Garnet Centre
Gold Field Apartments
Jason Apartments
Mehran Heights
Najmi Apartments
Quality Heights
Rock Heaven Apartments
Saima Burj Al Baraka [Under Construction]
Saima Clifton Park View [Under Construction]
Salman Terrace
Salmina Apartments
Sasi Homes
Shadman Homes
The Residence [Under Construction]
Yousuf Grand Square
Clifton Block 9
Al Habib Garden
Al Habib Terrace
Ashiyana Apartments
Bath Island Apartments
Bath Island Crystal Hill Apartments
Bath Island Pride
Bath View Apartments
Century Residency
Chapal Luxury Apartments
Dhedi Palace
Diplomat Heights
Faisal Apartments
Falak Residency
Farhan Apartments
Grand Residency I
Grand Residency II
Hillside Residency
Hilton Apartments
Kulsum Court
Makkah Residency
Marine Galleria
Marine Point
Mary View Apartments
Mehmoodabad House
Memon Arcade
Merchant Centre
Noor Court
Palace Residency
Pardesi Dream Land
Pardesi Sky Land
Parkway Apartments
Parsa Palace
Patel Court
Saad Castle
Sapphire Residency
Sea Field Apartments
Seeme Luxury Apartments
Seher Villa
Shamnaz Apartments


DHA Phase 2
West Point Towers
DHA Phase 5
Galaxy Skyline Towers
Sea View Apartments
DHA Phase 5 Extension
Country Club Apartments
Florida Homes Apartments
DHA Phase 8
Creek Vistas Apartments
DHA Phase 8 Extension
Crescent Bay (Emaar)

Frere Town

Frere Town
Al Mustafa Homes
Bed Rock Apartments
Bliss Apartments
Bridge Apartments
Bridge View Apartments
Clifton View
Columbus Tower
Eleanor Apartments [Under Construction]
Empire Residency
Falak Tower
Frere Residency
Garden View
Gulnar Apartments
Ibrahim Terrace
Ideal Homes
Mehran Excellency
Mehran Homes
Mehran Square
Midway Tower
Mumtaz Square
New Kausar Square
Palm Residency
Pardesi Pride
Parsa View
Pearl Residency
Prince Complex
Rimpa Sun Beam Apartments
Rose Garden
Saima Apartments
Saima Spring Field
Sand Haven Apartments
Sand View Homes
Zam Zam Residency