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Zakaat Calculator

NOTE: Only insert values for items/cash which are being held for a period of 1 year or more.
Total Gold value If exceeding 85 grams or 7.5 tola. PKR
Total Silver value If exceeding 595 grams or 52.5 tola. PKR
Current Account PKR
Saving Account ( if amount is Rs38,405 or more) PKR
Proft/loss sharing account ( if amount is Rs38,405 or more) PKR
Business/Partnership Bank Account(s) PKR
Mutual Funds & Stocks PKR
Business /Goods/Merchandise/Inventory PKR
Accounts Receivable PKR
Real Estate (excluding personal residence) PKR
Sub Total PKR
Less deductible liabilities only (for eg loan payable) PKR
Total: PKR
TOTAL x 2.5% (Zakat you have to pay) PKR